Terms & Conditions


All prices and specifications of products are subject to alteration and correction without notice. GOODS WILL BE INVOICED AT PRICES RULING AT TIME OF DESPATCH and the company recommends that buyers price goods against invoices.


 All invoices are due for payment by the end of the month following invoice date, after which time amounts become overdue for payment. A charge of 5% of the total outstanding amount will be charged on the account sent for collection, in addition to any legal charges payable. Settlement discounts may be deducted, PROVIDING ALL PREVIOUS INVOICES HAVE BEEN PAID. The correct total settlement discount , (where applicable, and together with the settlement date) is printed as a total, in £GBP at the bottom of each invoice. PLEASE NOTE ALL CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS WILL INCUR A FEE OF 1½%. Please ensure all cheques are made payable to: CARTASPORT LEISURE LTD. Please email remits to: fran@cartasport.com


a.  The goods shall remain the sole and absolute property of the Company as legal and equitable owner until such time as the intending purchaser shall have paid to the Company the agreed price together with the full price of any other goods the subject of any other contract with the Company.

b.  Goods supplied by the Company shall be at purchaser’s risk immediately on delivery to the purchaser or into custody on the purchaser’s behalf (whichever is the soonest) and the purchaser should therefore be insured accordingly.

c. The Company may for the purpose of recovery of its goods enter upon any premises where they are stored or offered for sale or where they are reasonably thought to be stored or offered for sale and may repossess the same in particular, but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the Company may at any time enter upon the buyers premises if:

1. There shall be any default in payment on the due date by the buyer to the Company.

2. The buyer being a company shall enter into liquidation (other than voluntary liquidation for amalgamation or reconstruction) or shall have a receiver appointed over the whole or part of its undertaking or assets, or

3. Being an individual or firm the buyer shall commit an act of bankruptcy or enter into an arrangement or composition with or for the benefit of its creditors.

4. Payment by cheque shall be construed as being received at the time that the Company’s bankers receive the funds from the purchaser’s bankers.

In the event that the Purchaser sells the goods or any part of them to a third party prior to property in the same having passed under condition 3 above, the proceeds of sale shall be received by the Purchaser on the Company’s account and kept separate from t he Purchaser’s or other monies, the Purchaser having sold the goods as the Company’s bailee and owing fiduciary duties to the Company in relation thereto and at any time before payment is received from such a third party. The Company shall have the right to call for an assignment of such third party debts.

RETURNS: The buyer shall have no right to require Cartasport Leisure Limited to take back and give credit for products correctly supplied to the Buyer. If, at the absolute discretion of the Company, non-defective product is accepted back then the Company reserves the right to levy a handling charge of not less than 10% of the value of the goods returned. Products which the buyer considers are defective should be made available for collection or returned by post ONLY as authorised by the Company. Products must be identified with the name of the buyer, date purchased and the reason for return. Cartasport Leisure Limited cannot be held responsible for lost returns not previously authorised by the Company.

CLAIMS: Shortages and damage in transit must be notified to the Company and the carriers not later than three days after receipt of goods. Non-delivery must be notified within ten days following date of invoice. These claims must be in writing. Failure to do so within the ten day period relieves the carrier of responsibility.

CARRIAGE: Wherever possible, orders will be delivered carriage free by our own transport. If outside carriers have to be used, carriage will be charged on orders valued under £100 excluding VAT (Mainland only). Please ask for carriage charge quotation for any deliveries outside U.K. Mainland. On large items such as table tennis tables, snooker tables, mini goals, badminton posts, volleyball posts, netball posts, punch bags or weights etc, where the cost of carriage is not relative to the trade prices, a carriage charge will apply at all times.

NEW ACCOUNTS; On placing a first order, customers are requested to complete and sign a New Account Form giving full address, telephone number, bankers address and two trade references. New customers requiring immediate despatch of initial orders must send a cheque to cover the order to avoid delay whilst credit rating is being established.

Each of the above conditions is independent and stands on its own. Should any clause be shown to be inapplicable, none of the other clauses shall be invalidated or affected in any way.

Any contract between the Company and the buyer is governed by English law.